The Lane

Stage 3 Map – Underground

This time, we’re going underground to meet the traders and dire-folk who inhabit the dwellings, shades and hovel-shops surrounding the Gorgon Brewery, which lies directly under The Lane above.

Study the map, choose a story plot, get writing, but beware The Watcher who sits atop the tower in the middle of the Gorgon’s Pool. And if you need to stop scribbling for a brew, you can always visit the Goblin Tearoom… if you know where to look.

Stage 1 and 2 Map

Stage 1 and 2 by Terry Whidbourne

One thought on “The Lane

  1. I don’t know if your taking suggestions for some of the shop keepers but if you are I have one for it a character named Rin that’s a Angel hunter who has a weapons and magic store. So if your taking suggestion please consider mine thanks.

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