To help build your story, we’ll be posting tidbits and tales here while The Lane is open from 30 September 2016 to February 2017.

You can also check out the Midlfell wiki curated by Lot 4 resident Tom Dullemond.

If you’d like to hear the sound of The Lane, Brisbane-based musician Matt Hsu has smashed out a few tunes for us. Check out his first song Tightrope Moon.

Lot 21
The Lost Chapel of Santa Lusca
Aimée Lindorff
Lot 13
Steve Toase

Lot 2
Orran’s Music Emporium
M.M. De Voe
Lot 22: The Open Throat Tavern
Deborah Walker

Lot 18B
Irrealty and Ferns
Robert G. Cook
Lot 10
The Lions
Madison Dusome

Lot 1
The Jolly Strangler
Tiny Owl Workshop
The Palace of the Kraken
Tiny Owl Workshop

Lot 9
The Crippled Door
Tom Wells
Lot 3B
Tam Quinn